Carlton Four Counties Championship Rules

Carlton & District Motor Club
Carlton Four Counties Winter Championship Rules

Carlton & District Motor Club will promote a winter championship from October 2014 through to April 2015. The championship will be called the “Carlton Four Counties Winter Championship”

Title & Jurisdiction
Carlton Four Counties Winter Championship is organised and administrated by Carlton & District Motor Club in accordance with these championship regulations.

Championship Co-ordinator Anji Martin Assistant John Ellison
2 Little Lane 6 Cliff Way
Calverton Ratcliffe on Trent
Nottingham Nottingham
NG14 6JU NG12 1AQ
07785 530256

Championship Stewards are Les Davey & Richard Ogan

Entrants must be in possession of a valid 2014/15 Carlton & District Motor Club membership card
All vehicles must comply with J5, R18 and R19 (2014 MSA yearbook)

All competitors who wish to take part in Carlton Four Counties Winter Championship must complete a registration form to be obtained from the Co-ordinator and be fully paid up member of the organising club for 2014 & 2015.
No points may be scored before the co-ordinator has a received a completed registration form from a competitor.

Championship Rounds
The Carlton Four Counties Winter Championship will comprise of 6 events (12 car rallies and scatter rallies), they are to be held and organised as detailed:
16th October 2014 Map 119 The Bug Bite Rally
11th November 2014 Map
9th December 2014 Map
13th January 2015 Map
10th February 2015 Map
10th March 2015 Map

Points for each round will be awarded as follows:
Place: 1st 2nd 3rd 4th 5th 6th 7th 8th 9th 10th 11th 12th
Points 12 11 10 9 8 7 6 5 4 3 2 1
Competitors who do not finish will be awarded 1 point

Organisers will be awarded 12 points (maximum of two organisers per event, only one event to be counted towards the championship) Marshalls will receive 10 points (points will only be awarded for marshalling a maximum of two events)

Scores will count as follows:
6 rounds run, best 5 results count
5 rounds run, best 4 results count
4 rounds run, best 3 results count
3 rounds run, best 2 results count
Any less than three events the championship will be declared null and void
It is the competitor’s responsibility to obtain regulations and submit entries for each event.

Competitors will compete in four classes as detailed below:
Class 1 Beginners - defined as not competed on more than two motor sport events in their chosen discipline
Class 2 Novice - defined as not finished in the top 20 of a National B road rally in their chosen discipline
Class 3 Semi Expert - defined as finished in the top 20 but not the top 10 of a National B road rally in their chosen discipline
Class 4 Expert - defined as finished in the top 10 of a National B road rally in their chosen discipline

Road rallies up to the end of September of the current year will count.

Results will be published on the Carlton & District Motor Club website throughout the duration of the championship.

It is the competitor’s responsibility to point out any discretions within the results to the championship co-ordinator before the results go final 7 days after the final round of the championship.

In the event of a tie break the decider will be by the number of highest place finishes then smallest engine capacity, if at this point there is still no clear victor the championship will result in a draw.

The awards will be presented at the Carlton & District Motor Club awards presentation to be held in 2015 and will be allocated as follows:
1st Overall Driver
1st Overall Navigator
1st Beginner Driver
1st Beginner Navigator
1st Novice Driver
1st Novice Navigator
1st Semi Expert Driver
1st Semi Expert Navigator
1st Expert Driver
1st Expert Navigator

Best all rounder (automatic entry is irrespective of class subject to 1 marshall, 1 organisation and competitor involvement.

Marshall Award
To be awarded to the person who has marshalled on the most events and not competed on any rounds. The tie break will be then by the number of posts and then by age in ascending order.

There may be other awards presented at the championship coordinators discretion. No person to win more than 1 award with the exception of the all rounds cup.

No protest will be entered into. The Coordinators decision is final.